An Angry White House Press Corps

Over the weekend, I heard a segment on NPR’s “On the Media” in which co-host Bob Garfield explored the Obama Administration’s direct-to-constituent, earned and “owned” media strategies.The piece was filled with several mainstream journalists from the White House press pool complaining about their lack of access. The piece was aptly titled “Frustration in the White…… Continue reading An Angry White House Press Corps

That AP Memo

Having served as outside PR rep for The Associated Press on two separate occasions — the organization’s 150th anniversary and the book and exhibition of World War II photos — I intrinsically understood that too much “spin” would make many in this vaunted news organization bristle.In fact, of all the mainstream journalistic enterprises, it is…… Continue reading That AP Memo

Get it Together, Baby!

My blogging buddy Robb Hecht invited me to join (yet another) burgeoning online community (created via Ning). This one is called Brandhackers, which describes itself as: “…a user-generated branding media 2.0 group. we’re brandhackers – discussing amongst our community how consumers are gaining more and more inclusion in the corporate branding process via social media…… Continue reading Get it Together, Baby!

PR Pressure at the Pentagon

Politico’s Mike Allen reported yesterday that the Pentagon will hire ABC-TV News reporter Geoff Morrell, 38, in a public relations capacity. “The official said that a working journalist was chosen by Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates in an effort to improve press relations at a time when the administration is under pressure to show progress…… Continue reading PR Pressure at the Pentagon