Not Ready for Prime Time

I love Joan Walsh’s comparison of Sarah Palin’s comments on Iran to those of Miss South Carolina on why Americans don’t know simple U.S. geography. First Miss South Carolina: “I personally believe that U.S. Americans are unable to do so because, uh, some people out there in our nation don’t have maps. And I believe…… Continue reading Not Ready for Prime Time

Just Say Nope

As Congressional Democrats struggle to muster the gumption to just say no to the whims of this wayward President, we have to admire one struggling 20-year-old camp counselor, who simply aspires to pay for his training in automotive repair.Here’s how it played out in the White House situation room:Dana Perino: Mr. President, great news! A…… Continue reading Just Say Nope

The Fog of War

Happy Memorial Day everyone. Hmmm, isn’t that an oxymoronic expression, especially when one considers the constraints placed on journalists by a DoD intent on restricting coverage of this war, and by so doing, dishonoring those who sacrificed their lives and livelihoods fighting it?This is from The Times’s David Carr’s “Media Equation” column today: “If Joseph…… Continue reading The Fog of War

Controlled Gun Lobby

As details continue to unfold from yesterday’s horrific events at Virginia Tech, the gun lobby, as embodied by the National Rifle Association, is no doubt prepping to do battle with emboldened advocates for gun control.Ironically, one of the NRA’s biggest boosters — our President — heads to the VT campus for his obligatory photo-op. He…… Continue reading Controlled Gun Lobby

College Choices

During the I. Lewis Libby trial, the office of the Veep revealed its strategy for selecting media for interviews, i.e., those most susceptible to echoing the White House’s messaging. Surprisingly, NBC’s true political insider Tim Russert headed the list. (I would have thought Larry King, but what do I know about Beltway spin?)Anyone who reads…… Continue reading College Choices