Commander in Control

One of the points I had hoped to emphasize in my last post was that Twitter, blogging, Facebook and Google+ offer an even more controlled communications environment than what a fastidiously prepped/messaged executive might face in a media interview.David Carr may give Rupert Murdoch props for his more authentic Twitter persona, but it’s Mr. Murdoch…… Continue reading Commander in Control

Prez Presses the Press

If you’re an A-list newsmaker, you can pretty much call the shots over where, when, and how you take your media interviews.And today, there are few bigger newsmakers than the leader of the free world (unless you count celebrity-du-jour Lady Gaga (or that “skank with a brain.”) But I won’t go there.The Wall Street Journal…… Continue reading Prez Presses the Press

Diss the Press

No. I’m not obsessed with President Obama’s fledgling press office or the musings of White House press secretary Robert Gibbs. But maybe I should be.Yesterday, author and former New York Times investigative reporter David Cay Johnston shared his experience dealing with the Obama PR operation in a CJR piece headlined: “Who’s Undercutting Obama?For the moment,…… Continue reading Diss the Press