The Shifty Press Release

The debate over the value of the press release has raged pretty much unabated for the last seven or eight years. My pal Todd Defren literally built his PR firm on the back of his pathbreaking effort to re-imagine the press release of the future. (Yesterday, his company Shift Communications was named PR Agency of…… Continue reading The Shifty Press Release

It’s (Not) the Real Thing

A number of authoritative voices I follow on Twitter today collectively glommed onto the long-simmering issue of PR-driven corporate speak under the banner “Worst Press Release Ever?”The catalyst for the extra-carbonated Twitter cooler conjecture was a post by the Wall Street Journal’s “The Deal” blog titled “Coke: Most Unintelligible Press Release Ever?”In it, The Journal’s…… Continue reading It’s (Not) the Real Thing


It was inevitable. Some enterprising person figured out — sort of — how to monetize (exploit) PR peeps’ burning desire to engage journalists via Twitter.Not only that, the means of engagement is a press release — reduced to a single line. The cost: $1 per character with a $50 minimum. Yikes! Here’s the tweeted announcement:…… Continue reading Micro-engaging

For Immediate Release

CNET’s Caroline McCarthy yesterday blogged about how the news value is wearing thin when it comes to musical artists releasing their new work exclusively via the Web. She also recognized the buzz these partnerships have offered both the bands and their online hosts: “…they’ve also created digital music’s ultimate publicity stunt…a win-win situation for both…… Continue reading For Immediate Release

In Praise of the Press Release

Two weeks ago, a client issued a news release nationally on Business Wire. Two days ago, a colleague sent me an effusive email containing a list of links to reputable web sites that posted the release verbatim.It included the usual subjects: Yahoo! Finance, AOL money & finance, msn money,…I ask myself: do these even…… Continue reading In Praise of the Press Release

Socially Optimized or Optimally Socialized?

Ahhhh. The news release. That poor, beleaguered PR tool that has died a thousand deaths, only to be reborn — optimally and socially speaking.This morning I was greeted with a text message from media maven Lisa Kovitz who tipped me to our friend and doyenne Laurel Touby’s answer to the myriad unsolicited (and misguided)…… Continue reading Socially Optimized or Optimally Socialized?