Promises Unkept

“A call to Lohan’s publicist was not immediately returned.” Well, even if it was, what can a publicist possibly do or say in response to news of her client being arrested (again) for DUI and cocaine possession???This (not-unexpected) turn of events comes on the heals of Ms. Lohan’s (second) high-profile release from the obligatory Hollywood…… Continue reading Promises Unkept

Paris’s Prison Break

Good for Paris. Bad for Paris. TMZ breathlessly reports this morning that the faux celeb has managed to extricate herself from the discomforts of prison life, making a mockery of the 45-day sentence she earned.This unforeseen (and boffo) piece of news may be good for Ms. Hilton’s beauty sleep, but the expected public backlash over…… Continue reading Paris’s Prison Break