HAPPRO (Help a PR Pro Out)

HARO founder Peter Shankman I confess. I’ve never been a huge fan of HARO, the free crowd-sourced service for journalists seeking topic experts or human examples to validate their story’s premise. While following its founder never ceases to disappoint, the service itself, in my mind has fallen short in its net benefit to the PR…… Continue reading HAPPRO (Help a PR Pro Out)

Higher Ed Muscles In

Start with Yahoo and Google, and go from there. This seems to be the recipe cooked up by 35 of the nation’s most prestigious universities in an effort to re-exert their influence over the science news that percolates in the public domain. Specifically, the MercNews reports, these universities have banded together to form and sustain…… Continue reading Higher Ed Muscles In

HARO v. Profnet

A couple of years after ProfNet’s 1992 debut, founder Dan Forbush (below) decided to expand his service’s universe of users to the agency side of the PR spectrum. I remember talking to Dan at the time, and soon after, convincing my firm to subscribe to what grew into a veritable “killer ap” for the profession.ProfNet…… Continue reading HARO v. Profnet

Million Dollar Questions

From a freelance journalist seeking expert input, via ProfNet, for an upcoming column in the South China Morning Post. Under the headline “Blogging for Bucks,” it read: How do you make money from blogging? What’s the maximum and average? Is the market too overcrowded? Who writes the world’s best blog? What’s the best technological platform?…… Continue reading Million Dollar Questions