I headed back to PR Week’s NeXT Conference at The Times Center on Wednesday, and managed to catch most of Gil Schwartz’s keynote presentation in which he ran through a litany of supposed “PR problems.” You may know Schwartz by his Fortune magazine nom de plume, Stanley Bing. In his Clark Kent day job, Schwartz…… Continue reading NeXT PR


I was able to swing by PR Week’s annual NEXT Conference yesterday held at the Sheraton New York Hotel where I grabbed some sound from the publication’s UK-transplanted new editor Steve Barrett. I asked him about the differences between the PR industry here and across the pond. He basically said that social media is more…… Continue reading PR Week NEXT


Must be the season for PR conferences. Yesterday I attended PRWeek’s Next Conference at New York’s Waldorf Astoria and was glad to see yet another great turn-out.This followed our PCNY media event this week, which sold out, the PRSA Int’l Conference, which drew thousands, and the Council of PR Firms’ Critical Issues Forum that also…… Continue reading #PRWeekNext