The New Standard

A few weeks back, I started to draft a post that in effect anointed Wired as the media property that has done the most to fulfill the unfulfilled promise left by the Industry Standard following the dot-com (and The Standard’s subsequent) meltdown.Wired, the magazine, website, and branded PBS science program, has its editorial fingers firmly…… Continue reading The New Standard

Poof Goes the PR Push

The moment the Wall Street Journal News Alert crossed my desktop Friday night, I thought of Harry Potter’s final splash, and how the dastardly New York Times spoiled the book publisher’s marketing ploy, I mean plan.You see, The Journal upset the apple cart by purchasing Alan Greenspan’s new tome and running with a piece on…… Continue reading Poof Goes the PR Push

A Million Little (Faded) Memories

Jeff Leeds of The Times today poses the question on everyone’s mind (well, maybe not everyone’s). Can brand Britney rebound from her self-inflicted career meltdown?As I pondered this lofty question, I stumbled on a short piece involving yet another once seemingly doomed-to-oblivion celebrity.The Oprah-diss-graced non-fiction fiction writer James Frey (pictured) has a new tome on…… Continue reading A Million Little (Faded) Memories

Michiko Unembargoed

“All Things Considered” had a segment last evening on the hyperbole and hyper-security by Potter publishers Bloomsbury and Scholastic to keep the lid on Harry until 12:01am this Saturday. The publishers’ efforts are so intense (and threatening), it begs the question, “why?”I mean if the book or even pages seeped out, does anyone really believe,…… Continue reading Michiko Unembargoed