Al Qaeda Press Avail

Last spring a debate erupted over whether e-mail offered an adequate means to capture the true essence of a media interview. This blogger posted about it here.And then of course there was Blog Maverick’s creative coup de grace when he responded to a negative (and allegedly inaccurate) profile of him by posting to his blog…… Continue reading Al Qaeda Press Avail

What Me Worry

My wife and I recently had dinner with a friend who’s one of the nation’s top real estate executives. In addition to consulting, she’s taught her professional calling at Harvard Business School, Columbia, Yale, etc. Anyway, during the course of the conversation, she named Brazil,China and Russia as the markets experiencing the biggest real estate…… Continue reading What Me Worry

The Committee to Unprotect Journalists

If you think American journalists are under government siege, their plight pales in comparison to the way Russia deals with its investigative scribes (or any other malcontent).They just murder them, or so it appears, based on today’s news emanating from that increasingly despotic regime.AP Moscow reported moments ago that Ivan Safronov, the military affairs writer…… Continue reading The Committee to Unprotect Journalists