Big Agency Digital Cred

The namesake of Ragan’s PR Daily today called out Fleishman-Hillard (NYSE: OMC) CEO Dave Senay with the following tweet: @MarkRaganCEO Fleishman CEO doesn’t tweet, has no Facebook page, and uses ghostwriters to help with his blog Mr. Ragan’s goal: to incite eyeballs to his daily aggregated PR newsfeed. This particular piece took those he baited…… Continue reading Big Agency Digital Cred

Roasted Baristas

It’s been three weeks since that PR stunt in which Starbucks nationwide closed at the same time for some “retraining.”Today, as an extension of the ubiquitous green-signed company’s makeover efforts, founder and chief inspiration officer Howard Schulz declared that Starbucks would “return to its roots.” According to today’s New York Times: “The initiatives are intended…… Continue reading Roasted Baristas

Dogged Blogger

I was scratching my head today on what to write. Could the see-saw world of Hillary Clinton stomach yet another opinion, especially after her post-Primary winning proclamation? “In the last week I have listened to you and in the process I found my own voice.” Or rather…her PR handlers finally let her find her voice…… Continue reading Dogged Blogger