Friday’s Video Views

Mason StonewallsOn the elliptical this morning, I unplugged my iPod to watch Matt Lauer interview Groupon founder/CEO Andrew Mason “exclusively.” Who knew that Chicago could produce such a d-bag! Couldn’t Mr. Mason have been better prepared to answer the single most anticipated question: “Did you turn down Google’s $6B offer???” It’s a bit reminiscent of…… Continue reading Friday’s Video Views

The World’s Smallest and Summer’s End

World’s Smallest Teen in Times Square for Ripley’s ENTER IF YOU DARE!September always takes me by surprise. Maybe it’s that Labor Day was so late this year, or that the weather has been so balmy in NY, or that the hurricane hype of Earl hastily sucked the wind out of August. Whatever the case, here…… Continue reading The World’s Smallest and Summer’s End

The World According to Meerman Scott

I had a chance to catch yesterday morning’s keynote session featuring David Meerman Scott at the Search Engine Strategies New York conference, which continues today and tomorrow. He is one helluva a speaker who made a cogent case for the “new rules of marketing & PR” by asking the audience five very simple questions: In…… Continue reading The World According to Meerman Scott

Socially Engaged

A few years back, my long-time friend, collaborator and sometimes client Rob Key of award-winning social media consultancy Converseon outlined how companies ideally should endeavor to engage the social graph.He called the process “cultural anthropology,” and by so doing, recognized that each social channel or community had distinct customs and a language of its own.…… Continue reading Socially Engaged