Friday’s Video Views

A Bloomberg Game ChangerBloomberg flexes its journalistic muscle with this 25-minute interview with today’s definitive “game changer” Mark Zuckerberg. Page One Media EditorApparently the director of New York Times film doc “Page One” fell ill at the last minute and asked Bruce Headlam, the news org’s usually behind-the-scenes media editor, i.e., David Carr & Brian…… Continue reading Friday’s Video Views

Unleashing the Groundswell

A fascinating story in Sunday’s New York Times that explores the rise of low-cost, but effective (and infectious) consumer-generated videos that advocate for and against the Presidential candidates.Its focus was Robert Greenwald whom I briefly met in the press room at last week’s Personal Democracy Forum. It was his video that forced Sen. McCain to…… Continue reading Unleashing the Groundswell

Orange Not Green

I used to do some PR/community relations work for Home Depot. The work entailed helping the pioneering big box retailer gain a bigger presence in the New York market. As expected, area mom & pop hardware stores feared for their very survival.We were charged to provide all relevant parties with historical data on the true…… Continue reading Orange Not Green