Commander in Control

One of the points I had hoped to emphasize in my last post was that Twitter, blogging, Facebook and Google+ offer an even more controlled communications environment than what a fastidiously prepped/messaged executive might face in a media interview.David Carr may give Rupert Murdoch props for his more authentic Twitter persona, but it’s Mr. Murdoch…… Continue reading Commander in Control

Communications Slop

“The modern chief executive lives behind a wall of communications operatives, many of whom ladle out slop meant to obscure rather than reveal.”David Carr– David Carr of The New York Times lamenting the way many CEOs have long interacted with members of his profession. Not surprisingly, he lays the blame on communications professionals. The quote appears…… Continue reading Communications Slop

Ta Ta, Suckers!

It’s no big surprise that Karl Rove is out. Frankly, his tenure as this administration’s master media manipulator should have expired long ago (or at least following the mid-term elections).From a PR perspective, this man alone has done more damage to the reputation and credibility of the PR profession than 50 Abramoffs. But that’s a…… Continue reading Ta Ta, Suckers!