Facebook Advertising: To Like or Not to Like

As the Facebook IPO frenzy crescendos, the media pendulum has swung from fawning friendliness to sudden skepticism catalyzed by one giant automaker’s decision to pull its $10 million ad budget from the 900-million+ strong social network.Interestingly, and mildly reminiscent of its defiant public posture during the government bailouts of its rivals, Ford Motor Company promptly…… Continue reading Facebook Advertising: To Like or Not to Like

Is Twitter Influence Portable?

When influential chronicler of all things politics Ben Smith announced his decision to leave Politico to edit Jonah Peretti’s ascendent BuzzFeed blog, the Twittersphere was all abuzz with congratulatory words. After all, Mr. Smith had amassed some 60,000 followers on Twitter during his time at Politico.As one of his followers, I tweeted both warm wishes and…… Continue reading Is Twitter Influence Portable?

Ford’s Social Media Black Belt

I first met Ford’s social media chief Scott Monty in 2008 at a blogger meet-up (or was it a Tweet-up?) at the PRSA International Conference in his hometown of Detroit. Oddly enough, he kind of already knew about me, or rather about an issue I was having with my Lincoln MKX. Basically, my car’s roof…… Continue reading Ford’s Social Media Black Belt

Media Relations Summit All a Twitter

The last two years took the Bulldog Reporter Media Relations Summit to the Beltway and the Bay area. This year, it was the Big Apple’s turn to host the annual PR/media confab.Two Dans keynoted. I missed Mr. Rather, but I’m told he offered a sobering assessment of the current state of journalism, while Mr. Abrams…… Continue reading Media Relations Summit All a Twitter