ZR1: Green for Green

Love that post from Gawker’s Jalponik in which the venerable Motor Trend is outed for allegedly gaming Google’s organic results. Here’s how it went down.The first 2009 600-hp ZR1 Corvette sold at auction over the weekend, and a search on Google for “ZR1 road test” had Motor Trend in the poll position atop the results…… Continue reading ZR1: Green for Green

Millennium Search

The Micropersuader today touted, or rather, tweeted, his latest Ad Age column — “Three Trends That Will Shape Digital in 2008.” It was his third trend that struck a resonant chord with this blogger: “Curators Collect and Connect:” “During the past 10 years, content has become a commodity. So has data. Information overload makes it…… Continue reading Millennium Search

Quants, Diets and Swimsuits

Steve Lohr’s piece in yesterday’s New York Times “Small Business” section explored some forward-looking online advertising scenarios for the SEM crowd. The so-called “quants” have raised the algorithm stakes to now let display ads find their online target, or more precisely, let the target find the most psychographically appropriate ads.Last year, this blogger posted on…… Continue reading Quants, Diets and Swimsuits

Taking the Link Bait

Link relevancy is a term I first heard back in 1998 when a search engine company I represented prepared to do battle with a rising Mountain View company that had yet to command a mountain view.Today, of course, it does and much of the success of Google, the search engine, can be attributed to the…… Continue reading Taking the Link Bait