The Journalist’s Tableau

John Batelle may not agree, but Danny Sullivan certainly will remember: Google once had a competitor in search.Cambridge, MA-based search engine Northern Light, a client back in the day, happened to produce more relevant results than the fledgling Google (though admittedly not as fast).We were so confident in the engine’s abilities that we prodded our…… Continue reading The Journalist’s Tableau

Spider from Mars

Remember the uproar over Beacon, Facebook’s effort to make money by selling to marketing partners the online purchasing habits of its user community ?Well, today we learn that Google, which purportedly rejects being “evil,” has introduced a search-within-a search function that lives and profits off of the websites onto which it leaches. And it’s not…… Continue reading Spider from Mars

Scobleizer vs. Micropersuader

The beauty of the blogosphere lies in the diversity of opinion one can find…with the right search engine, of course.Two widely divergent POVs emerged today on the subject of search, and specifically the revamp of blog search’s big brand name — Technorati.A-list bloggers, the Scobleizer and the Microspersuader, seemed quite at odds on the re-make…… Continue reading Scobleizer vs. Micropersuader