Google Glass’s #1 Fan

For an unreleased product whose initial price point (and utility?) remains a disconnect for most people, Google Glass (via Google+ and Twitter) certainly has garnered a boffo share of media attention – good, bad and geeky.In Sunday’s New York Times, two professors examine a new dimension of the Google Glass phenomenon: the dangers that real-time digital distraction…… Continue reading Google Glass’s #1 Fan

Friday’s Video Views

Sergey Speaks In yesterday’s blog post we explored/exploited the PR muscle Google allocated to its search upgrade Google Instant. Here’s company co-founder Sergey Brin chatting up the enhancement, Web on TV and Google’s competitive advantage with Bloomberg TV’s Cris Valerio. Some quotes: “It’s an exciting time to be in technology…” “I’m really excited for Apple’s…… Continue reading Friday’s Video Views