PR, Influence and Networking

On Sunday, PR Newser’s Joe Ciarallo asked me whether I had seen Claire Cain Miller’s prominent piece on PR 2.0, or as some valley wags may soon call it, “the crowning of Brooke Hammerling.”Of course I had. Who hadn’t? It’s so rare that The New York Times visits our enigmatic profession, and with 3000+ words,…… Continue reading PR, Influence and Networking

Hooray for the Consultants

As the proprietor of a somewhat successful New York PR consultancy, after years of toiling in the big agency world, I read with more than a passing interest Tom Foremski’s assessment of our industry in Silicon Valley Watcher.Its title: “PR Watch: The Disruption Of The PR Industry AndWhy Everyone Has Become A Consultant.” Foremski not…… Continue reading Hooray for the Consultants