How Social Media Drives BIG Events

For last year’s Social Media Week event in New York, I had hoped to pull together a session that looked at how big events use social media tools and channels to drive awareness, brand esteem, web traffic and attendance. Instead we produced a PCNY co-hosted event called “Socializing the News” that featured the social media…… Continue reading How Social Media Drives BIG Events

New York’s New Social Scene

For those fixated on Egypt last week — either via Andy Carvin’s curatorial efforts on Twitter or via a resurgent CNN or re-cast Al Jazeera — the City of New York and eight others played host to literally hundreds of interactive sessions, panels and keynotes celebrating how social media has come to permeate all aspects…… Continue reading New York’s New Social Scene

Social Media Week Sound-Off

Yesterday was the official start of Social Media Week, which this year expanded from one city (New York) to a six-city extravaganza of pundits and prophets extolling the personal and professional promise of this media, marketing and communications juggernaut.With its hundreds of events — 80 alone in the Big Apple — this cornucopia of compelling…… Continue reading Social Media Week Sound-Off