Friday’s Video Views

This week’s edition of Video Views explores the Brains behind Pandora, visits with IdeaLabs’ Bill Gross, examines Athletes on Social Media, sneaks into AOL’s D8 after-party w/ Walt & Kara, and makes you think with The RSA.The Brains Behind Pandora (via @time).How the recommendation engine behind Pandora Radio — using the Music Genome Project —…… Continue reading Friday’s Video Views

Growing PR Spheres

Silicon Valley Watcher’s Tom Foremski has made a sport out of scrutinizing the PR profession these last few years (often with good reason). Yesterday, he raised a provocative question from which one might infer more disrespect for our perennially beleaguered profession: What are the implications when PR pros, who’ve built large online followings, use their…… Continue reading Growing PR Spheres

Personal v. Corporate Brandstreams

I recently wrote about the conundrum of posting under your own name to serve your employer’s social media needs. We’re all familiar with our friend fronting for Ford and the man behind the @ComcastCares Twitter handle.Many recommend using a real person in order to make the engagement more human, authentic. While other minders of (mostly)…… Continue reading Personal v. Corporate Brandstreams

PR Week’s NEXT Conference

I had a chance to spend the morning at NYC’s Waldorf Astoria’s Starlight Roof. No. It wasn’t a wedding, bar mitzvah or even a debutante ball. Rather, our industry’s leading weekly magazine gathered PR’s movers and shakers for a look at What’s Next.The PR Week NEXT Conference, in celebration of the glossy’s 10th anniversary, commenced…… Continue reading PR Week’s NEXT Conference

Millennium Search

The Micropersuader today touted, or rather, tweeted, his latest Ad Age column — “Three Trends That Will Shape Digital in 2008.” It was his third trend that struck a resonant chord with this blogger: “Curators Collect and Connect:” “During the past 10 years, content has become a commodity. So has data. Information overload makes it…… Continue reading Millennium Search

Geeks Rule

Greg Miller opened the panel discussion before a packed and overheated room of PR execs gathered for the Bulldog-sponsored 2007 PR Agency Summit at the Williams Club in NYC.He ran through some Google-centric slides, with a warning to the attendees to pay attention to the search, advertising, intelligence-gathering monopoly…or perish.He finished, looked over at me;…… Continue reading Geeks Rule

Scobleizer vs. Micropersuader

The beauty of the blogosphere lies in the diversity of opinion one can find…with the right search engine, of course.Two widely divergent POVs emerged today on the subject of search, and specifically the revamp of blog search’s big brand name — Technorati.A-list bloggers, the Scobleizer and the Microspersuader, seemed quite at odds on the re-make…… Continue reading Scobleizer vs. Micropersuader

The Micropersuader

You have to admire Steve Rubel. Sure, many PR people are jealous of his high ranking (89) on the Technorati stats or that he’s become a really famous PR person. (I wonder if he even considers himself a PR person?)Hey Steve, this blogger finally broke the 36,000 mark — a motivating milestone rationalized by simple…… Continue reading The Micropersuader