Chipotle’s Foot-Long Faux Pas

Last Sunday, I retweeted Samantha Murphy of Mashable’s tweet with a link to her colleague Seth Fiegerman’s story “Has Chipotle’s Twitter Account Been Hacked?” Everything about this is strange. Has Chipotle’s Twitter Account Been Hacked? (via @sfiegerman):— Samantha Murphy (@HeySamantha) July 22, 2013 In the piece, Seth captured a series of nonsensical tweets from…… Continue reading Chipotle’s Foot-Long Faux Pas

Libelous CGM?

Louise Story of The New York Times has done a great job of keeping tabs on the intersection of marketing and new media. Her piece this morning addresses the legal issues entailed in yet another consumer-generated media promotion wherein one QSR invited ordinary people to submit “commercial” videos at the expense of a competitor. “The…… Continue reading Libelous CGM?