PRepping the Policy Pundits

Bill O’Reilly of Fox NewsIn spite of this new era of transparency in which leakers and whistleblowers are celebrated in many quarters, I’ll never understood the compulsion of some communications counselors for self-aggrandizement, often at the expense of their clients. (Actually I do understand it, but have a hard time reconciling it with the interests…… Continue reading PRepping the Policy Pundits

Blago’s Blatant Bloviation

How lame is Blago’s PR agency? What PR person isn’t asking today whether the soon-to-be-former Governor of Illinois’s whorish visit to the Big Apple this week, during his impeachment no less, will actually have the opposite effect for which it was intended?His Tampa-based PR firm, which touts Drew Peterson (pictured at left) as its other…… Continue reading Blago’s Blatant Bloviation