A PR Strategy: Deceive and Divide

As the Party-of-No prepares to again deceive and divide the American people over the issue of financial reform, the emergence of Frank Luntz’s name should come as no surprise to those who’ve followed just how far obfuscation has come in the age of political spin.Mr. Luntz is the name partner in a firm called Luntz,…… Continue reading A PR Strategy: Deceive and Divide


Last week, I happened to catch one of the unfair and imbalanced Bill O’Reilly’s “Talking Points Memo” segments (not to be confused with the pilfered name of Joshua Mica Marshall’s influential blog).This particular one-sided O’Reilly diatribe railed against George Soros. (A few days earlier, it was Bill Moyers.)In the Soros segment., the host showed a…… Continue reading Propagandist(s)