New York Revs Its Startup Engines

This wrenching news just in: a startup called YourMechanic has won the much-hyped TechCrunch Disrupt startup showcase in San Francisco this week. The problem it solves: “getting your car fixed or serviced without having to leave home.” Geesh. The new techonomy is even sticking it to the local auto repair shop! Frankly, this doesn’t bother…… Continue reading New York Revs Its Startup Engines

Your Weekend Viewing

Costanza! I suppose if Seinfeld weren’t in re-runs, this TV spot for Google Wallet’s “first customer” would be obsolete. (via TechCrunch)And here’s @Pogue’s version of the first Google Wallet video spot:Disrupt the WorldThe Next Web dispatched a couple of reporters to the TechCrunch Disrupt confab in San Francisco last week. They hit the floor for an…… Continue reading Your Weekend Viewing

Friday’s Video Views

Eisenberg on ZuckerbergThe Social Network’s long and much buzzed about ride to the nation’s movie theaters ends today (though countless outlets jumped the review embargo. Was there one?) As predicted, critics have gone boffo with Rolling Stone’s venerable movie guy Peter Travers handing out four stars and glowing words from which SONY will create a…… Continue reading Friday’s Video Views

Friday’s Video Views

This week’s edition of “Video Views” features some hype for TechCrunch Disrupt, Marc Andreessen, Mashable’s Ben Parr and Jim Lehrer.”TechCrunch Disrupt” Debuts Next WeekTechCrunch NY-based co-editor Erick Schonfeld promotes TechCrunch Disrupt (May 24-26), which will present established and emerging players who are “disrupting” the media and technology landscape. The confab is what’s left of the…… Continue reading Friday’s Video Views