A Links Course

I’m frustrated. My Technorati “authority” has dropped in recent weeks. This, in spite of regularly posting some reasonably readable content, and recently receiving link love from some high profile A-listers.In a fit of paranoia, I imagine the authority’s algorithm keepers continue to hold a grudge against me for a previous post suggesting the site’s in…… Continue reading A Links Course

Heard at PRSA: Technorati’s Twilight

One of the unexpected bi-products of blogging in the PR space is the network one develops with kindred spirits around the globe. For example, last January, my new friend Trevor Cook organized a blogger meet-up…in Sydney.At every bloggable event since then, more of the same with different casts of characters all bound by a keyboard…… Continue reading Heard at PRSA: Technorati’s Twilight

Million Dollar Questions

From a freelance journalist seeking expert input, via ProfNet, for an upcoming column in the South China Morning Post. Under the headline “Blogging for Bucks,” it read: How do you make money from blogging? What’s the maximum and average? Is the market too overcrowded? Who writes the world’s best blog? What’s the best technological platform?…… Continue reading Million Dollar Questions

Scobleizer vs. Micropersuader

The beauty of the blogosphere lies in the diversity of opinion one can find…with the right search engine, of course.Two widely divergent POVs emerged today on the subject of search, and specifically the revamp of blog search’s big brand name — Technorati.A-list bloggers, the Scobleizer and the Microspersuader, seemed quite at odds on the re-make…… Continue reading Scobleizer vs. Micropersuader

Rank and File

So Canadian PR blogger Ed Lee and I exchanged a few emails on the subject of that Toddand ranking of top marketing blogs.Ed was complimentary about this blogger’s daily content, but he also (correctly) observed the disconnect between my (reasonably entertaining and I think informative) content and my metrics on that questionable barometer (to which…… Continue reading Rank and File