Friday’s Video Views

Like + Follow = ?This week, Twitter introduced its “follow” button, which is not dissimilar to Facebook’s “like” button, and a cousin to Google’s “+1” button. Geesh I’m confused. Here’s a look at Google +1. H/T HuffPost TechGMail RapportSince we’re talking Google, here’s a GMail plug-in called Rapportive whose upgrade in recent weeks set the…… Continue reading Friday’s Video Views

Friday’s Video Views

Fallon Does Sheen As if we haven’t heard enough from America’s fastest one-million-follower man, late-nighter Jimmy Fallon not unexpectedly. got into the act. Who knew Guinness had a record for the fastest to a million? (via mashable)Test D̶r̶i̶v̶e̶ ̶ RideEyebrows raised when Google last year unveiled the first automobile to drive itself. Mashable’s Adam Ostrow,…… Continue reading Friday’s Video Views

Twitter and TED’s Ten Million X Prize

For those who follow this space, you will have noticed more than its share of posts about the trials and tribulations of a certain British oil company.The significance of this story first struck me on April 27, a week after the explosion of Deepwater Horizon. I wrote: “Today I’m keeping an eye on a developing…… Continue reading Twitter and TED’s Ten Million X Prize

Tweet-Ups, etc.

Has there ever been a time when we’ve seen so many media and marketing industry confabs? They range from six-person tweet-ups to the much buzzed-about annual gathering pictured here ——->The organizers of these events sure know how to entice attendees with all the right buzzwords, e.g., “new media,” “social media,” “PR 2.0,” “Web 3.0,” “community,”…… Continue reading Tweet-Ups, etc.

Twitter’s PR Ride

Let’s revisit Twitter, and specifically the ubiquity of the rapidly expanding microblogging channel in the news media. Much of the coverage has occurred naturally, a bi-product of the editorial echo chamber, nourished to a great extent by Twitter’s RT-happy users.Some stories appear consensual. While others seem precipitated by Twitter itself or its PR advisors (does…… Continue reading Twitter’s PR Ride

Conference Cornucopia

Who missed David Pogue and Steven Levy’s gushing coverage of the TED Conference in Monterey the week before last? Talk about a hot ticket!Then there was January’s Always On Confab in New York, and its sibling AO Hollywood skedded for the first week of May. I just attended the first Community 2.0 Conference in Vegas,…… Continue reading Conference Cornucopia