Cronkite, Jackson and Kennedy

I confess. My Twitter habit is not 24/7. I have a family, clients, sleep requirements, an appetite, and frankly, a social (versus social media) life that also sustain me. Anyway, my PowerTwitter platform isn’t as functional as Tweetdeck, so many tantalizing tweets have been known to pass me by.On Friday evening, I did find myself…… Continue reading Cronkite, Jackson and Kennedy

Corpse Discovered in Palin Garage

SatireThe discovery today of a decomposing human body in Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin’s garage has tongues-a-waggin’ in the small town of Wasilla, Alaska.The National Enquirer broke the news on its website after one of its reporters tripped over the skeletal remains while rummaging through the governor’s gun and taxidermy collections.The AP reluctantly ran…… Continue reading Corpse Discovered in Palin Garage

The Decisive Dozen

Maybe I was brainwashed as outside PR counsel for the organization’s 150th anniversary, or simply smitten with the special World War II photo book it created to mark the opening of the national World War II Memorial, but it’s certainly worth noting that the “world’s largest and oldest news organization” today announced that it has…… Continue reading The Decisive Dozen

The Beet on AP’s Video Dreams

Did anyone notice the video post on Beet.TV yesterday? If you didn’t, take a look. My buddy Andy Plesser, whose Walter Mittyesque existence waivers between PR man and vlogging crusader, caught up with The AP’s head of global broadcast strategy Jim Kathman.Kathman (exclusively) outlined the partnership between the world’s largest news organization and Microsoft in…… Continue reading The Beet on AP’s Video Dreams