Friday’s Video Views

Eisenberg on ZuckerbergThe Social Network’s long and much buzzed about ride to the nation’s movie theaters ends today (though countless outlets jumped the review embargo. Was there one?) As predicted, critics have gone boffo with Rolling Stone’s venerable movie guy Peter Travers handing out four stars and glowing words from which SONY will create a…… Continue reading Friday’s Video Views

Much Ado About Zuckerberg

Maybe I’m in the minority, but I found Mark Zuckerberg’s character, as deftly played by Jesse Eisenberg in “The Social Network,” to be somewhat appealing in a strange way. Jarvis, on the other hand, calls the film “anti-social.”Aside from his weirdly contorted smile, social insecurities, lack of personal empathy, and that misogynist opening scene, Zuckerberg…… Continue reading Much Ado About Zuckerberg

Friday’s Video Views

Got Milk with your Cookie?As the Wall Street Journal looks into the complex and misunderstood world of how marketers track online behavior, here’s a video about that piece of embedded computer code that enables such tracking. It features its inventor. (via @WSJ) Sir Martin While we’re on the subject of The Journal’s series on digital…… Continue reading Friday’s Video Views

Friday Video Views

What would this week’s edition of Video Views be without this timely homage to the now immortalized iPhone 4 Antenna?The iPhone Antenna Song My buddy, Eric Schwartzman (quite the video impresario himself) captured some PR pundits’ perspectives on LeBron. (Is anyone really thinking about LeBron any more?) LeBron Lives On As a natural follow-up to…… Continue reading Friday Video Views

“The Social Network” Campaign

Facebook’s user stats are astounding, and with each day, even the most diminutive details of the company’s evolution make breathless copy via the real-time social eco-system known as Twitter.Geesh. If only my clients without that social media “je ne sais quoi” could commandeer such robust attention! But then again, maybe my Twitter follow strategy is…… Continue reading “The Social Network” Campaign