Let Us Now Pay for Famous Men

I enjoyed reading Brian Stelter’s piece over the weekend in which he catalogued the one-episode wonders of the modern television age. The shows ranged from Jackie Gleason’s “You’re in the Picture” to “Secret Talents of the Stars.” Their shared recipe for instant failure? No one watched them.So what are broadcasters to do in an age…… Continue reading Let Us Now Pay for Famous Men

Hollywood and Albany

Both Hollywood publicists and New York State lobbyists find themselves grappling with the issue of diminished influence. In Hollywood, outlets like “ET” and “Access” have built dominant media franchises by pandering to the celebrity set (and their handlers).Relative newcomer, TMZ, however, sidesteps publicists with an investigative reporting flair that’s mostly indifferent to Tinseltown’s command and…… Continue reading Hollywood and Albany

Paris’s Prison Break

Good for Paris. Bad for Paris. TMZ breathlessly reports this morning that the faux celeb has managed to extricate herself from the discomforts of prison life, making a mockery of the 45-day sentence she earned.This unforeseen (and boffo) piece of news may be good for Ms. Hilton’s beauty sleep, but the expected public backlash over…… Continue reading Paris’s Prison Break

Rosie’s Riveting Ruse

I don’t care how it was spun. Rosie was booted from “The View.” And Barbara Walters took the lead in making it happen. Sure. Ms. Walters lamely denied her complicity. And yes, Rosie sputtered through some nonsense about how contract negotiations broke down. “I wanted one year, they wanted three years, they offered two…” Gimme…… Continue reading Rosie’s Riveting Ruse