A Rare Tumblr Stumblr

Consumers of today’s most edge-worthy media have more than their fair share of caustic fodder to digest, what with Gawker and its sibling sites. I mean who doesn’t relish Hamilton Nolan’s periodic profane-laden posts? Those sites’ owner, Mr. Nick Denton, recently resurrected Valley Wag to add some much-needed spice to the echo chamber that dominates…… Continue reading A Rare Tumblr Stumblr

The PR Dream Act

The Twitter Deluge Is The New Press Release buzzfeed.com/rubycramer/the… cc @thinkprogress— Ben Smith (@BuzzFeedBen) October 1, 2012 Yesterday, former Politico scribe Ben Smith who now toils in BuzzFeed’s media trenches under the nom de twume BuzzFeedBen tweeted a link to his colleague Ruby Cramer’s post declaring that “The Twitter Deluge is the New Press Release.”…… Continue reading The PR Dream Act

Growing PR Spheres

Silicon Valley Watcher’s Tom Foremski has made a sport out of scrutinizing the PR profession these last few years (often with good reason). Yesterday, he raised a provocative question from which one might infer more disrespect for our perennially beleaguered profession: What are the implications when PR pros, who’ve built large online followings, use their…… Continue reading Growing PR Spheres

Hooray for the Consultants

As the proprietor of a somewhat successful New York PR consultancy, after years of toiling in the big agency world, I read with more than a passing interest Tom Foremski’s assessment of our industry in Silicon Valley Watcher.Its title: “PR Watch: The Disruption Of The PR Industry AndWhy Everyone Has Become A Consultant.” Foremski not…… Continue reading Hooray for the Consultants