Dem Talking Points

Periodically I’ll hear from a former (big agency) colleague advising me to tread lightly on the political tweets and posts. A few even share my politically progressive persuasion, but most warn that overt politicking may not be good for my firm’s sustained health. (Would they rather I sell my soul to Koch Industries or the…… Continue reading Dem Talking Points

Let Us Now Pay for Famous Men

I enjoyed reading Brian Stelter’s piece over the weekend in which he catalogued the one-episode wonders of the modern television age. The shows ranged from Jackie Gleason’s “You’re in the Picture” to “Secret Talents of the Stars.” Their shared recipe for instant failure? No one watched them.So what are broadcasters to do in an age…… Continue reading Let Us Now Pay for Famous Men

Good Riddance Rudy

He ran a losing campaign with more than his share of PR gaffes.Yet, as I sit here watching Rudy Giuliani’s withdrawal and endorsement speech, I can’t help but think how he timed this anti-climactic announcement to run live on the local TV network lead-ins across most of the nation. Geesh. He finally did something right…… Continue reading Good Riddance Rudy

Blogging Davos

Tooling on Twitter this morning, I stumbled cross Robert Scoble’s inducement to follow his reportage from the World Economic Forum in Davos. Since his tweet was short and non-specific (aren’t all tweets?), I passed it by: Scobleizer [seesmic] Qik video –… 14 minutes ago from SeesmicA few lines later, Shel Israel, whom I also…… Continue reading Blogging Davos