Friday’s Video Views

Astroturf BirthI’m convinced that advertising creatives have different sensibilities than their counterparts in PR. For the former, the ends justify the means, even if one has to stretch the boundaries of taste or veracity. In my last post, I wrote about Crispin Porter’s Super Bowl spots for Groupon. As you know by now, many people…… Continue reading Friday’s Video Views

Spray Wash

I wonder if McCain campaign COO Steve Schmidt pulled a Tom Cruise and hired his sister?Here’s campaign spokeswoman Tracey Schmitt’s explanation given to reporters who were barred from capturing Sarah Palin’s first date with a foreign leader. “The decision was made for this to be a photo spray with still cameras and video cameras only.”…… Continue reading Spray Wash

All-Natural PR

The GMC crowd saw an opening and carpe diem! After years of public abuse and regulatory setbacks, some smart (PR-minded) person at “agricultural biotechnology” giant Monsanto had the foresight to lever the worldwide food shortage to make a cogent case for its major staple — genetically modified seeds.(Hey, I kind of like the term “agricultural…… Continue reading All-Natural PR