Journalistic Embrace

The sobering news emanating from newspaperdom last week sparked new speculation on the future vitality of that medium. Profits were down (again), and online ad revenue, while growing impressively, just doesn’t seem to be able to replace lost traditional ad revenue.Nonetheless, the old media guard can’t be accused of complacency when it comes to embracing…… Continue reading Journalistic Embrace

On the Radar

Jeff Bercovici, the astute media reporter (and blogger) for the reinvented Radar pinged me this morning with his nomination for this week’s “Bad Pitch Blog” entry.It’s US Netcom Corp, which today moved a news release over PR Newswire with the headline:”Could Emergency Phone Notification Have Prevented Virginia Tech Massacre?”It’s reminiscent of the terrorist attacked-inspired Funeral…… Continue reading On the Radar

Controlled Gun Lobby

As details continue to unfold from yesterday’s horrific events at Virginia Tech, the gun lobby, as embodied by the National Rifle Association, is no doubt prepping to do battle with emboldened advocates for gun control.Ironically, one of the NRA’s biggest boosters — our President — heads to the VT campus for his obligatory photo-op. He…… Continue reading Controlled Gun Lobby