My Big Messy Social Life

My social life is a mess. And I know I’m not the only one mired in the digital muck. Here’s the lowdown, which stands  in contrast to just two years ago:  I’m feeling pressure to bolster my presence on the red hot Pinterest even though the app (on Chrome) couldn’t find the image of Danny Meyer’s…… Continue reading My Big Messy Social Life

Friday’s Video Views

iPad MagicAs Blackberry struggles and the iPad surges, here’s a magician with some apps you won’t find in the (trademark-protected?) app store. HT @dberkowitzSlate, Galaxy, PlayBook… Can other mobile-minded manufacturers catch up to the iPad’s first-mover lead in the booming tablet market? Samsung gave a buddy who attended SxSW a new Samsung Galaxy…to keep. The…… Continue reading Friday’s Video Views

SxSW: A Perfect Storm

PepsiMAX lot at SxSWBuddy Media’s Michael LazerowBuddy Media chief Michael Lazerow took to the pages of the influential BusinessInsider yesterday to anoint SxSW as simply a “must-attend” event. He observed that SxSW Interactive today is larger than SxSW Music in which the legendary festival has its roots.What has suddenly driven the interactive conference’s success? In…… Continue reading SxSW: A Perfect Storm

Friday’s Video Views

Bunny UntetheredOur friends at Mashable draw our attention to Energizer’s new wireless charger for various mobile devices, including that i-device. Now if only we didn’t have to use it as frequently. The Next Big QA week doesn’t go by without TechCrunch anointing some new technology or application as the next big thing. (Most have names…… Continue reading Friday’s Video Views