The Final Spin

This blog has frequently looked at the succession of White House spokespersons over its three+ year run. A persistent theme centered on how the public faces of this administration — Fleischer, McClellan, Snow and Perino — have sold their souls to blindly advance the political POVs of their bosses.Most people today acknowledge that these ill-conceived…… Continue reading The Final Spin

Flack Helps Pack Crack Hacks

“Don’t take the bait.”This was the advice former Bush flack Ari Fleischer gave to a Green Bay Packers gathering yesterday on how to deal with journalism’s offensive line. “They [the media] are also going to stir the pot.” (Apparently not enough.)But, Ari, how should one behave when he’s caught lying?And what should you do when…… Continue reading Flack Helps Pack Crack Hacks