Wikipedia & PR: Friend or Foe?

WIkipedia founder Jimmy WalesShortly before Christmas, I ran into an old friend who oversees social media for one of the big-branded management consultancy firms. He confided in me that he was having an issue with Wikipedia.Wikipedia wouldn’t grant him editing privileges, as a PR person, even though the information on the site about his employer was inaccurate.…… Continue reading Wikipedia & PR: Friend or Foe?

Black Tie PR

From its outset, this blog attempted to ferret out the often obscured role public relations plays in business, politics, culture, sports, technology, media, entertainment and style. Some days, the headline makes that role quite clear; Others times it’s more subliminal.Two stories that fall squarely in the former category popped on the front page of yesterday’s…… Continue reading Black Tie PR


News from wiki-land: the free and pervasive consumer-generated Internet encyclopedia plans to ask expert contributors to prove their credentials. How exactly? Beats me. Wikipedia’s founder Jimmy Wales spoke via IM with The AP from Japan last night to confirm the plans, which were prompted by the revelations that a senior wiki board person, posing and…… Continue reading Wikinonymous