An End to False Equivalency?

Of the hundreds of clients and client projects on which I’ve worked over a fairly lengthy career, there are but a handful that I can say remain indelibly etched in my memory.They include the Broadway opening of David Merrick’s “42nd Street,” Michael Jackson’s TV spots for Pepsi, the privacy fight for Dale Earnhardt’s family following…… Continue reading An End to False Equivalency?

Truth, Balance and Arianna

If given the choice, I’d rather go toe-to-toe with a smart, objective journalist than one who artificially seeks balance where balance may not even exist. In this way a cogent presentation of the facts may actually result in a fair hearing and an end editorial product that reflects reality. What more can we ask of…… Continue reading Truth, Balance and Arianna

PR and The Public Editor

We all know that today it’s imperative to keep track of when (and how) the online conversation drifts to news (or innuendo) about a client’s brand, product and service.That said, PR people still have their work cut out for them just keeping mainstream journalists in check. If not us, on whom can one rely to…… Continue reading PR and The Public Editor

The Fog of War

Happy Memorial Day everyone. Hmmm, isn’t that an oxymoronic expression, especially when one considers the constraints placed on journalists by a DoD intent on restricting coverage of this war, and by so doing, dishonoring those who sacrificed their lives and livelihoods fighting it?This is from The Times’s David Carr’s “Media Equation” column today: “If Joseph…… Continue reading The Fog of War