The Optics of Marissa Mayer

I recently wrote about Yahoo! and specifically its CEO’s efforts to revitalize the laggard Internet brand, a brand that started life alongside Altavista, another once-dominant Web brand whose fate Yahoo! hopes not to share (in spite of acquiring it).The take-away of the earlier post was to draw attention to all the media attention Marissa Mayer was drawing to…… Continue reading The Optics of Marissa Mayer

Friday’s Video Views

This week’s edition of Video Views features the always edgy Michael Wolff, the always cutting-edgy Robert Scoble, Conde Nast’s wired consumer marketing prexy, Yahoo on the Cote D’Azur, Omnicom’s Porter Novelli on women and social media, and the great American uniter — soccer.Newser’s Newsmaker-in-Chief on News Corp’s Newsmaker-in-ChiefNo stranger to these pages, Newser’s, Vanity Fair’s,…… Continue reading Friday’s Video Views

But is It Optimized for Search?

As Yahoo! threw out its last lifeline to prevent it from falling into the arms of the boys from Redmond, Google was there to save the struggling online enterprise. Few at the time thought, or rather played up, how much turbulence such a Google-Yahoo ad partnership would generate from the regulatory authorities both here and…… Continue reading But is It Optimized for Search?

Talk the Walk

To “light up the social graph” was how the speaker described her efforts to take her company to the next level, i.e., “igniting” some “250 million email relationships,” “tens of millions in groups,” a myriad Flickr users, etc.The company is Yahoo!, the speaker, its president Susan Decker addressing the Advertising 2.0 Conference last week in…… Continue reading Talk the Walk

The Loudest Websites?

No it’s not a New York City subway map, nor some Google map mash-up. In fact, the image owes much of its graphic look to the Tokyo subway system. It’s admittedly an unscientific representation of the “loudest” 200 websites. An explanation (based on last year’s list) can be found here. The illustration arrived on my…… Continue reading The Loudest Websites?

A Dose of SEM

You may remember Elinor Mills who made a name for herself by revealing a bit too much about Google CEO Eric Schmidt. This in turn prompted the search/advertising monopoly to banish her from its journalist-in-good-standing list.Moments ago, Ms. Mills piled on an infectious story in which a Google Health blogger used all the attention that…… Continue reading A Dose of SEM

Corrective Action

So your client is dismayed by the tenor of a reporter’s portrayal of his company (or him). What course of action do you, the proverbial good client-service person, recommend he follow?A) Call the lawyers and seek legal actionB) Demand a correction (via the reporter’s editor)C) Submit a letter-to-the-editorD) None of the aboveActually, the correct answer…… Continue reading Corrective Action