Call Any Vegetable

So now that we’ve gotten Blago out of our hair (or vice-versa), let’s turn our attention to the Super Bowl or “big game” for non-advertisers who want to leverage the event for marketing purposes. The news arrived today that NBC has rejected PETA’s Super Bowl TV spot.Apparently, the anti-fur people had an epiphany that sex…… Continue reading Call Any Vegetable

15 Minutes More

I just heard from my buddy Howard Bragman, fresh off his PR duties on the Ed McMahon foreclosure imbroglio. Howard tipped me off to his latest rehabilitative work-in-progress: Al Reynolds. Who, you ask? Wasn’t he the guy that drove OJ on the infamous LA freeway chase? No. Different Al.This is the guy who, like Al…… Continue reading 15 Minutes More

For Immediate Release

CNET’s Caroline McCarthy yesterday blogged about how the news value is wearing thin when it comes to musical artists releasing their new work exclusively via the Web. She also recognized the buzz these partnerships have offered both the bands and their online hosts: “…they’ve also created digital music’s ultimate publicity stunt…a win-win situation for both…… Continue reading For Immediate Release

Unleashing the Groundswell

A fascinating story in Sunday’s New York Times that explores the rise of low-cost, but effective (and infectious) consumer-generated videos that advocate for and against the Presidential candidates.Its focus was Robert Greenwald whom I briefly met in the press room at last week’s Personal Democracy Forum. It was his video that forced Sen. McCain to…… Continue reading Unleashing the Groundswell

Kobe Bryant: Jackass

Global Brand + Famous Athlete + Luxury Car + Photo Shop = 2.5 Million ViewsThe June 1980 issue of Esquire magazine had a famous cover showing a chimpanzee and a typewriter (remember those?) with the caption: “Is Anyone in America Not Writing a Screenplay?” Today, that headline could read: “Is Anyone in America Not Posting…… Continue reading Kobe Bryant: Jackass

First Pitch & The Conversation

When PR colleagues ask me to assess the biggest changes in public relations, the conversation invariably turns to direct-to-consumer communications. Not unlike the billions big pharma spends to prod patients toward prescription products (minimizing the physician filter), PR pros also have a new and robust capacity to speak directly to end audiences.They too can more…… Continue reading First Pitch & The Conversation

YouTube Killers

Who hasn’t come to the conclusion that digital video – whether delivered to your desktop, laptop, PDA or cell phone — is entering a Renaissance? Was it that proclamation from NBCUni’s digital honcho Beth Comstock who, as a former communications pro, inspires PR types everywhere: “Video has been liberated” [from the TV set]. I had…… Continue reading YouTube Killers

Orange Not Green

I used to do some PR/community relations work for Home Depot. The work entailed helping the pioneering big box retailer gain a bigger presence in the New York market. As expected, area mom & pop hardware stores feared for their very survival.We were charged to provide all relevant parties with historical data on the true…… Continue reading Orange Not Green

The Beeb Battles Back

When “60 Minutes” arrived on the scene, many PR pros didn’t quite know what to make of this new longer form investigative TV news program. We were not accustomed to having our charges ambushed — as the tape rolled. The techniques of command and control had yet to flourish.Many PR types counselors knee-jerked to the…… Continue reading The Beeb Battles Back

Top Job Interview

It’s no secret that the 2008 presidential campaigns will fully embrace (and experiment with) many of the latest digital tools and strategies in disparate (and desperate) ways to engage the widening swath of online denizens old enough to vote. Over the next 18 months, we’ll see many of their new media maneuverings emerge — for…… Continue reading Top Job Interview