Checked Out, My Dear Watson

Was I asleep at the wheel or did one of the industry’s more astute observers of the profession give up his blogging ways?

Sure, the Holmes Report website seems up to date, but the site’s proprietor hasn’t shared his acerbic British-American wit for the RSS crowd since the Super Bowl in February. No notice. No farewell. And apparently, no tears. Just a blog frozen in time.

Now I know the pay isn’t so hot, and yes, sometimes it’s a struggle just to find something worth blogging about (though not this week). But the ROI is there, isn’t it? As the number of PR blogs hits record highs, I wonder how many dead (or barely breathing) blogging vestiges litter the blogosphere? Hey Constantin, here’s a new audit for you!

Anyway, Paul, we’ll miss your periodic musings. Hope to see you back blogging soon. Until then, you may want to remove the site banner “Visit Our New Blog.”