Conspicuous Consumption


Yes, I know Oprah is one of the most reverred, benevolent and social-minded celebrities in the world. One cannot underestimate how much attention and support her involvement in a humanitarian cause can bring to that cause. Still, I’m scratching my head at the over-the-top party she threw for herself this past weekend that “featured” all the African-American female role-models who influenced her life.

The cost of the event was in the stratosphere for sure. The media coverage on “ET” and elsewhere was breathless. Cojo even was hired to opine on the women’s evening gowns at the white tie affair. To what end, I ask?

Wouldn’t her money (or the evening’s focus) have been better spent on a more philanthropic endeavor as opposed to the superficial glitterati of a red carpet? Perhaps the purpose of the event was to showcase the accomplishments of these 25 role-models? If so, you wouldn’t know it from the media coverage.