I must have missed the Sunday “Styles” story by L.A.-based New York Times scribe Mireya Navarro on all the “hype” surrounding Tom and Katie and the motivations behind it. In fact, I posted an item on the value of pairings in Hollywood to one’s career and buzz factor. (Wednesday, May 11, “The Art…” Scroll down.)

What fascinated me was that nearly two-thirds in a survey by arch-rival weekly celebrity glossies recognized “P.R.” or “publicity” as the prime motivation. Maybe P.R. is coming out of the closet (though PR in Hollywood is quite a different animal that in the Beltway or on Wall Street).

I did enjoy Cruise’s publicist staunchly defending her client’s alleged “stammering” on Oprah when he couldn’t remember how he met his new true love. My bet: their agents work at the same talent agency and struck a deal.