Cuban’s Revenge

If you happened across today’s Business section of Sunday New York Times, it would have been hard to miss the photo of Mark Cuban with his mouth agape over the headline “Mark Cuban is Mad (Again). But Why?” The piece, penned by The Times’s star M&A scribe Andrew Ross Sorkin, pointedly questions Mr. Cuban’s motivations for insisting that merits a higher sale price.

Having corresponded once before with Mr. Cuban, I felt compelled to share my thoughts — from a PR perspective — on what recourse he might take to right whatever he felt was miscommunicated in the piece. Fifteen minutes after I sent him some suggestions — to which he did not respond (directly) — this posting appeared on his blog (and was subsequently picked up by the “AlwaysOn” Network).

I’m taken by Mr. Cuban’s tact to publicly expose (with additional commentary) his e-mail “Q&A” with Mr. Sorkin. This transparency helped put in perspective his side of the story, which will no doubt gain traction in the blogosphere…and then the MSM. PR people take note.