Cutting Edge PR

This appeared yesterday in one of the lead chroniclers of the tech sector:

  • “Publicity is, in effect, free advertising.”
  • “The downside of free publicity is that you cannot control what is said about your company, product or service.”
  • “Newspapers, business periodicals, TV and radio stations, and magazines can all offer the publicity for which you’re looking.”
  • “The hook: In most cases, you need a hook to attract publicity. A hook is the characteristic that makes you, your product or service unique. “
  • “Whenever it might be appropriate, remember to send a photo of yourself — and your event, if there is one — with any publicity requests. Photos tend to personalize the request and give the reporter someone to relate to.”

Am I missing something here, or is this piece (via from SFGate, the San Francsciso Chronicle’s website, a bit anachronistic? You’d think that even a dead tree journal in the center of all things digital could come up with something a little more au courant.