Daylife’s Light of Day

If you’re still not convinced of the sea change that’s upon us in the way consumers parse and consume news, look no further than the who’s who who have invested in Daylife, a new “distributed news platform” whose:

“…mission is to gather and organize news in ways that are most relevant to the user. That could be by event, topic, author, geography or other factors. Source pages that show what a journalist writes about or who is quoted are part of the mix. RSS plays an important role.”

The New York Times Co. is the lead investor, but you also have The Huffington Post, TechCrunch’s Michael Arrington, MeetUp’s Scott Heiferman, former Time Warner corp. comm. consigliere, Huffington Post co-founder and RLM namesake Ken Lerer, Craig’s List’s Craig, and bold-face named advisors like Dave Winer, Jeff Jarvis and many others leading the Web 2.0 revolution. The service was founded by Firefly co-founder Upendra Shardanand.

Daylife’s PR advisors have given the intrepid Staci Kramer of Paid Content first dibs, e.g., the exclusive on the news in advance of Monday’s expected “soft” announcement. With PaidContent’s mover & shaker audience of media moguls and media wannabes, we are assured that Daylife will see the life of day next week following its initial blogospheric buzz.

Shardanand expects Daylife to apply his collaborative filtering ways to the news biz in a similar fashion to how his Firefly Networks helped consumers discover music and eventually movies, websites and communities. Staci observes: “He sees opportunities in news because it hasn’t evolved as much technologically as areas like e-commerce.” (Gee, I wonder if my New York Times has been delivered yet.)