Dogged Blogger

I was scratching my head today on what to write. Could the see-saw world of Hillary Clinton stomach yet another opinion, especially after her post-Primary winning proclamation?

In the last week I have listened to you and in the process I found my own voice.”

Or rather…her PR handlers finally let her find her voice without excessive handling. Glad they let Hillary be Hillary.

But then, my consigliere Constantin sent me a link from Ragan’s “Blog Dogger” Michael Sebastian in which Sebastian posted on the highs and lows of PR blogging in 2007. Guess what? He cited this little blogspot of a blog as the year’s “most interesting.” (Now if only someone would inform Technorati!)

Thanks for the recognition, Michael, but there are so many other great PR bloggers worth noting. A few of my personal faves include:

Social Media Today
PR 2.0
Influential Marketing Blog
Online Marketing Blog
PR NewserStrategic Public Relations
Communication Overtones
Media Orchard
Marketing Roadmaps
Business Spin
Young PR
Pro PR
PR Communications
Phil’s Blogservations
Seth’s Blog
Marketing Pilgrim
The Cycle
PR Squared,
and The Scobleizer (pictured at rear), who is not a PR blogger per se, but does spend an inordinate amount of time dissecting the machinations of our industry.

I know. I know. How many fab PR blogs did I miss when compiling this admittedly arbitrary list. Ping me with your faves, and I’ll update the list below.