Is fibbingest the antithesis of truthiness? ValleyWag ME Owen Thomas reports today that Business 2.0, on the brink of extinction (or execution, depending on how snarky you wish to be), may be revived…if only to attract an outside buyer.

While working on his item, he sought comment from one of Time Inc’s PR reps, but apparently took issue with the poetic license the rep used to deflect interest in the story.

“Great Moments in PR: Meet Danielle Perissi, Time Inc’s fibbingest flack.”

Not to be outdone, the blog that invented snarkiness well before Perez or Jossip burst onto the scene, gleefully linked to Thomas’s anti-PR rant .

Well, the good news is that Business 2.0 may not have reached the end of its rope. The bad news is that some PR person garnered some minor notoriety for trying to (disingenuously) protect the interests of her bosses, and I quote:

“As usual, she issued a denial that any changes were afoot. Well, no, that’s too kind: I should say, rather that she lied baldfacedly and, what’s far worse, unconvincingly about the matter. I don’t know why I bothered to call her. Or why colleagues at Time Inc., a company full of journalists with no patience for inept flacks, tolerate her. Oh, right — they don’t.”

Keith, how did you miss this one?