Friday’s Video Views

Holy Kaw!

Amber Mac sat down with Enchanted author, Alltop founder and all-around digital maven Guy Kawasaki for a Fast Company video interview. The topic: working smarter, being more productive.

Tac Talks Leadership from HBS Social media influencer and biz consultant Tac Anderson talks to us from Harvard Business School about John Kotter’s latest book “The Heart of Change” and the need for strong leadership in a rapidly changing world. Scoble Talks Media Readers of this blog have no doubt benefitted from the videos featuring promising tech start-ups that Robert Scoble has posted over the years. Today, our friends at MediaShift, which hosted a fab party in NYC this week, turned the camera on Scoble for his thoughts on media careers and more.

Tac Talks at HBS

Social media influencer and business consultant Tac Anderson shares his impressions of John Kotter after hearing him speak at Harvard Business School about leadership and Kotter’s new book Heart of Change.

Scoble Talks Media Careers

Most of my readers have benefitted from seeing one of the many videos I’ve posted from Robert Scoble in his role taking some promising tech start-ups through their paces. Our friends at PBS Mediashift, which threw a fab mixer in NYC this week, turned the camera on Mr. Scoble who talked careers in media, among other things.

Micro-living in NYC

Remember those Japanese hotels where the guests slept in pods? Well, this video of a woman living in a 90-ft apartment in the heart of New York’s upper west side is definitely not for the claustrophobic. The clip has nearly 2.5 million views. (The rent: $700/month)


I’m a sucker for visually captivating video, especially when it has to do with nature. This is among the best I’ve seen.

TimeScapes: Rapture from Tom Lowe @ Timescapes on Vimeo.

The Next Text Thing

Looking for an alternative to texting? Try this.


At SxSW, I was taken by the posters Ogilvy’s illustrators created from the content presented in a number of the sessions. Now we have a crowd-sourced platform called N-spired through which people can share their stories, which are voted on and then created into inspirational t-shirts. Neat idea, and a hat tip to Ogilvy’s John Bell for tweeting the link.

The N-spired Story: Writing the book of the world one t-shirt at a time! from The N-spired Story on Vimeo.

The Film Canister

With all the tumult happening around the world, here’s a clip that restores faith in humankind.

The Governator

We heard that Arnold was conspiring with comic genius Stan Lee on “The Governator.” This week, the first glimpse of Schwarznegger as super hero posted.

When Harry Met Sally: Revisited

So glad they didn’t re-create the scene from Katz’s Deli!