Friday’s Video Views

Fallon Does Sheen

As if we haven’t heard enough from America’s fastest one-million-follower man, late-nighter Jimmy Fallon not unexpectedly. got into the act. Who knew Guinness had a record for the fastest to a million? (via mashable)

Test D̶r̶i̶v̶e̶ ̶ Ride

Eyebrows raised when Google last year unveiled the first automobile to drive itself. Mashable‘s Adam Ostrow, who’s had his license for a few years now, had a chance to drive, I mean, test-ride the car.

Arianna-Arrington: Laissez Faire

I was hoping to see paidContent post some videos from its fab confab in New York this week, but alas, nothing emerged by the time this post was put to bed. Wait. Could it be? Yes. There was my pal, Beet.TV’s Andy Plesser, serving as Johnny-Video-On-The-Spot. Here’s some sound he grabed with Reuters’ Felix Salmon, never one to mince words, on the oil & vinegar combination (aka Arianna and Arrington).

Time-Lapsed TED Nucleotide

Among the myriad new age conferences ushering the new age, TED continues to dazzle with its compelling presentations and thought leadership. Recently, the organizers made past presentations available on iTunes at no charge. Thus far, the videos from this week’s conference remain a pay-for-play affair. Still, here’s a time-lapsed video of the construction of a nucleotide for one of the presentations. Gotta love Bowie.

building a sculpture for TED talks from romy owens on Vimeo.

Social PR 2011

My quant friend Marshall Sponder (aka @webmetricsguru) presented at last week’s Social PR 2011 in London. His preso is at the 37-minute mark.

Scoble’s Ditto

I love that Robert Scoble takes the time to ferret out all the cool new start-ups. We need to bring him to New York for the April NY Tech Meetup and UlraLight Startup events. Here’s his look at another differentiated location-based service called Ditto, “the social app for what you should be doing,” according to TechCrunch.
Here’s Scoble’s description: “Foursquare lets you tell friends and businesses where you are. But today Ditto (an iPhone app) lets you tell those same people and businesses where you’ll be.”

The Apple vs. The Valley?

VC guy Mark Peter Davis made this analogy: “New York=High School, Silicon Valley=College” when it comes to start-ups. TechCrunch’s intrepid NY-based editor Erick Schonfeld had a chance to talk with NY-based Foursquare founder Dennis Crowley about it.

A Paperless Generation

Who knew that future generations would take such glee from the demise of paper? (Certainly not the purveyors of 3D printers.)