Friday’s Video Views

“Insane Demand” for Google+

The big news this week came from Google. (Next week we’re promised “awesome” news from Facebook.) Here’s a quick peek at Google+, Google’s first full-throttle foray into social networking. (Some may argue that Buzz and Wave were, but I would disagree, at least in terms of the breadth and functionality of this new platform.) Judging from the early adoption and buzz by the cool kids, + the clamor to get an invite — my #2 son told me today that new invitations were being shut down due to the “insane” demand – I’d say Google+ stands a good chance of thriving. (via Mashable)


Attendees at the Kara & Walt Show at D9 got a glimpse of “the first eye-controlled laptop.” (via @pkafka)

A “Frothy” IPO Market

More with the always-quotable Kara Swisher who chatted with my buddy Andy Plesser for Beet.TV. This interview was captured on the eve of Zynga’s $1B IPO filing, which came today. No surprise, according to Kara, since Zynga’s bankers were “leaking more than the Titanic.”

Pope Tweets

In late January 2010, it was reported on these pages that the Pope joined the Facebook generation. Now it seems, he has taken to Twitter, a platform my friend @zimbalist noted (on Twitter) that registered 200 million tweets/day as of June versus 65 million/day a year ago.

Justin Fallon

In conclusion….

Enjoy the long weekend!


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